Lighthouse Lounge Private Party Menu


  • Private Parties in the Lighthouse LoungeThe Lighthouse Lounge can accommodate group parties for up to 30 people. There are 18 seats at tables, 10 seats at the bar, and additional informal seating on the couches and coffee table.
  • Larger groups can be accommodated with the addition of the second story patio. However, it is weather dependent. Because the patio is open air, if there is inclement weather, the additional capacity of the patio becomes a factor.
  • The room rental fee varies by day/time of the week/time of year because we utilize the room and bar for all guests.
  • The following chart outlines our rates for the 2017 season. The room deposit is collected at the time of booking to hold the room.


 Days/Hours  Non-Prime Time
 (Apr to May 25) and (Sep 10 to Oct 31)
     Prime Time
(May 26 thru Sept 9)
 Mon-Thurs (11am to 5pm)    $25 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $150) $50 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $250)
Mon-Thurs (6pm to close) $25 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $250) $100 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $400)
Fri-Sun (11am to 5pm) $50 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $250) $125 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $300)
Fri-Sun (6pm to close) $125 (Refundable if Food/Bev Exceeds $300) Negotiable based on demand


* The room reservation deposit is fully refundable provided you provide 48 hour notice of cancellation.



Can be arranged in a variety of formats and the following are provided as some examples. A private bartender is provided.

 Open Bar Limited Open Bar
(ie. Certain number of drink tickets per guest or Well drinks only)   
Limited Bar Service
(i.e. Beer/Wine Only)   
Cash Bar

Please feel free to discuss other ideas you may have at the time of the booking.



In addition to being able to accommodate your party with off the menu ordering, we offer three package prices to accommodate most any budget.

First Mate Party
$10 Per Person
 Sunset Buffet
$15 Per Person
 Captains’ Table
$30 Per Person

⦁    Hot Dog/Brat Bar
⦁    House Fries
⦁    Mac-N-Cheese
⦁    Free Fountain Soft Drinks
⦁    Add chicken tenders for additional $3.00/pp

⦁    Grilled Chicken Breast or Chicken Tenders
⦁    Loaded Nachos
⦁    Mac and Cheese
⦁    Salad and Garlic Breadsticks
⦁    Add on one specialty dish for $4.00/pp
⦁    Steak or Bourbon Salmon Entree
⦁    One Specialty Dish (see below)
⦁    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
⦁    Bacon Parmesan Sprouts
⦁    Veggie of the Day
⦁    Salad and Garlic Breadsticks
⦁    Add one additional specialty dish for $4.00/pp


Specialty Dishes

⦁    Mongolian Beef (Over wild rice)
⦁    Beef Pepperoncini (Sandwich or over mashed potatoes)
⦁    Cuban Mojo Pork (Over wild rice)
⦁    Creamy Caesar Chicken (Lettuce Wraps or Sandwich)


 Packages are designed to offer some pre-planned suggestions of menu ideas. Substitutions can be discussed at the time of booking to customize the menu for your event.